Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Ricco Saenz: Black + White + Other Colors and The Photo Game

I am excited about Ricco Saenz joining Galleria Kakku. And his first exhibit is very inspiring. I find Ricco to be a very perceptive, thinking artist, who seems to have things to say with his art, every time. With these works, I am not always sure which one I prefer out of the pairs, they seem to tell a different story in the same spot. Both captivating. But I will let him tell you in his own words:
"Black + White + Other Colors is a selection of pictures taken by Ricco Saenz at 1920’s New York Project in SL. The images come in pairs, each of them in black & white and in colors. More than  just offering two options for the same photo, the idea is to provide the opportunity to examine, by comparing those versions, how colors and monochromatic shading change the perceptions that one has of those images. The exhibition opens on February 20 and runs throughout March and April at Galleria Kakku (3rd floor). Everyone is invited!"
Windlight: Places: Old New York
You may have heard of his other new project, The Photo Game, a collaboration with Boudicca Amat at the gallery located at An Uncertain Destiny. He blogged it in greater detail himself. The concept of the exhibit is that they both picked three works of art from each other's Flickr pages, and then commented on them. It was a new evolution of a project they have been doing online since September 21st, 2016.

Windlight: region
The set up is inviting. I found it lifted each artwork into focus individually, but also made them all work together nicely.

Windlight: region
I recommend commenting on the art, as it changes the experience a little. Putting your feelings into words is a challenge that makes you look at the pieces more carefully. 

Windlight: region
I like that both artists clearly took time to think about their comments. They were respectful and are clearly aware of the progress of each other as artists. One can tell they are both well versed in how to look at art.

Windlight: region
The location itself is great for a peaceful stroll. It rains, but we are not made of sugar.

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