Galleria Kakku

Galleria Kakku is a non profit gallery, where artists get 100% of their sales and personal tips. The gallery tips are used for rent and running costs. Artists pay no fee for their booths. They get 20 prims each for their art and decor.

Owner Pieni is happy to help you, if you need anything. Leave a notecard in the mailbox by the main door.

(We are invitation only, due to limited space. The gallery is currently full).

If you blog us, post pictures online, etc, please let Pieni know! We will link to you in our social medias and on our blog.


1st Floor: the welcome area, an information wall, art.
2nd Floor: art
3rd floor: The Library, art
Roof: Games, Events

Special Exhibits are usually two months long and the artist gets more prims for their use. The current exhibit is by Maymay Matova.

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