Friday, 30 December 2016

30th of December, 2016: Rainbow Tinies with DJ Story, host Linn at Whispering Hearts

 30th of December, 2016: Rainbow Tinies with DJ Story, host Linn at Whispering Hearts


"Jam non consilio bonus, sed more eo perductus, ut non tantum recte facere possim, sed nisi recte facere non possim"

"I am no longer good through deliberate intent, but by long habit have reached a point where I am not only able to do right, but am unable to do anything but what is right."

(Seneca, Letters 120.10)


Dress: Caboodle: Fae, Fifty Linden Fridays
Hair: Elikatira: Polly 1, FLF
Socks: C'est La Vie: Jody Rib Socks, FLF
Hat: Meva: Captains Hat, Curls, Black, Silver, The Crossroads
Shoes: Sabbia: Lace up short boots, old Creators Collection Box
Choker: Bauhaus Movement: Anouk, Roulett3 gift
Eyes: Song: Fae, Light Brown, The Project Se7en gacha
Nails: Livia: Snowy Night, Christmasfy Hunt
Bracelet, ring, watch: Heartsdale: Nova Ladies Set, Kittycats calendar
Skin: Glam Affair: Lilo, Catwa / Bibi, Artic 01, old The Gacha Garden
Head: Catwa: Bibi
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara

Pose: Poseidon: Free Running 1
(I may have gotten a bit over excited. I doubt Coastguard and such forces have time for random parkour moments).

Location: Tsurington Aerodrome SLTS
Windlight: TOR Sunset Camp Champ

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Nostalgic futuristic

Record breaking Thriller
dance attempt.


Wolfman Jack style
dj in the video game says,
“This is Wasteland Radio

and we’re here for you”


You are here

maintaining d├ętente
between the voices
in your head.

Immediacy is retro,
says Lytle.


scene in which

we can read the code—

flowing algorithms.

We can almost
slip right in.

Paragraph by Rae Armantrout


Trenchcoat: Hilly Haalan: Jenna, Tres Chic
Shoes: Mignon: Glam Heels, red, gacha, Tres Chic
Hair: Tukinowaguma: Wulff Browns, The Liaison Collaborative
Eyes: Lotus: Starry eyes, Dark Brown, The Chapter Four gift
Headband and choker: Pr!tty: Christmas kitty, black, heart choker, Chapter Four gift
Glasses: Evermore: Baxter, The Kawaii Project gift
Bracelet: Loordes of London: The Kilmartin Stone-#4, Be Beauty XMAS Gift
Lipstick: Lakshmi: 2016 Grand Holiday Party Gift, On9 Gift
Eye makeup: Alaskametro: Gala, Eyes 01, On9
Tights: KiB: Siri, The Frozen Fair
Nails: La Boheme: Diti Gold, Slink Omega Maitreya

Pose: Juxtaposition: Light me up, 2nd Level gift

Location: Junktown
Windlight: Wasteland

Wednesday, 28 December 2016



Dress: Dulce Secrets: Yukimi, POE 9 hunt (Globe #070)
Skin: Essences: Catwa, Lynn M01, Kittycats calendar
Necklace: L&B: Swear Holiday DogTag, Kittycats calendar
Boots: Mooh: Nikita, white
Makeup: Slackgirl: Liner & Gems, On9 Gift
Hair: E-motions: Karma, diamonds, On9 Gift
Eyes: Inkheart: Seth, Sky (Thanks InkHeart!)
Nails: Out of Orbit: Cresent, Be Beauty XMAS Gift
Head: Catwa: Bibi
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara

Pose: Opulence: Female, 2nd Level gift

Location: Christmas Winter Holiday Village

Friday, 23 December 2016

23rd of December, 2016 Wootmas with DJ Story and Rainbow Tinies, the pictures

 23rd of December, 2016 Wootmas with DJ Story and Rainbow Tinies, the pictures

Snow Fall


Dress: B.C.C: Baby Love, Maitreya 6, Arcade gacha
Hair: Exile: Snow Fall 19, Wild Fusion, Arcade gacha
Boots: Apple Heart Inc.: Knee High Boots, black, Be Beauty XMAS Gift
Eyes: Song: Desi, Aqua, Kustom9
Skin: Glam Affair: Milu, Catwa, India 01, The Gacha Garden
Pants: Tiffany Designs: Minna Appliers, Black, Designer Circle, gift

Location: Avalon Harbor (I will feature this awesome sim some more for sure!)
Windlight: Fairy Blue Paulina

Thursday, 22 December 2016

No Warning

Everyone in the room is cheering.
This is what you do for a painting you love!
We climb up on one another’s shoulders,
wave pom-poms that match the palette.
We want to buy the season tickets to the train
that huffs through this landscape. We want
to climb the towers of this steely sculpture
and hang the flag. Victory is ours! We have
seen something to love here. Outside the gallery,
there is an alley full of garbage. Beauty stops
at the door. A scraggly tree is coming out
of the pavement where the people are lined
up, cigarettes and cell phones, waiting
for a chance to look. They keep their
giant fingers in their bags. Wear T-shirts
of their favorite teams of artist assistants.
On the alley wall, someone has drawn
a hillside and a horse. A young man sits
on a crate and peels the glue from under
his nails. He nods. And looks. And soon,
pulls out the chalk and adds a saddle
and a man, who looks back and shouts
as if he has found his enemy again.

How to Judge a Picture by Rebecca Morgan Frank


Shoes: Empire: Honesty, Luxebox December
Skin: Wow: Persia, omega appliers, Kittycats calendar
Nails: Alaskametro: Gala, Berry, On9
Eyes: Inkheart: Tender, Xmas Gacha Maze gift (Thanks Inkheart!)
Hair: No Match: No Warning
Bag: G&D: Gussie
Skirt: Hilly Haalan, Juline
Top: Ec Cloth: Mara, Cosmo gift
Head: Catwa: Bibi
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara

Pose: An Lar: The Citrine Series - One, old We<3RP
Location: Holly Kai Park -

Artist: Kayly Iali

Windlight: Bree's Appleblossom