Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The robin makes a laughing sound

The robin makes a laughing sound.
It makes me stop and look around
to see just what the robin sees—
fresh new leaves on twigs of trees,
a strong, high branch on which to rest,
a safe dry ledge to hold its nest.
The robin makes a laughing sound.
I stop. I always look around.

(- The robin makes a laughing sound by Sallie Wolf)

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins: Candie, applier, Kittycats calendar
Choker: Purple Moon: Frozen, On9
Hair: No Match: No Sleep: Holiday edition, blonde-pink, On9 gift
Hairbase: No Match: Mesh head appliers
Shoes: Ingenue: Natala Heels, Creme, Arcade gacha
Ring: Yummy: Snowflake Rings: Star Burst, Arcade gacha
Nails: On A Lark: Nails 001, all (all=75L.. there are three 25L sets) 25L Tuesday
Dress: Luas: Noemi, Roses, 25L Tuesday
Eyes: Raindale: Lovise, 2nd Level
Head: Catwa: Bibi
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara

Pose: Adorkable: Nippy 2
Close up pose: Luanes World: A Memory, 2nd Level gift

Pet: MishMish: Robins in the snow, C88

Location: Gallery of Pavlovas Art by Donna Pavlova, my niece
Windlight: Gwen's Light

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