Sunday, 26 February 2017

Galleria Kakku artists at home and featured elsewhere

I recently blogged The MadPea International Food Fair for Feed a Smile, which is open from February 18th to 4th of March, and mentioned there were a few familiar names from Galleria Kakku among those featured at the Art Exhibit curated by Kultivate Magazine.

There are some new pieces in their booths at Galleria Kakku, so I thought I would show you.

Isis Boa said her new works were inspired by a dream. I absolutely love the intensity of her works in her booth.

Kayly Iali is showcasing her drawings, which are amazing. She says in her description, that the technique was inspired by the Drawing Demonstration of Costa Vavagiakis on Youtube. She also appears in this book about 5-Minute Sketches. And for good reason.

Suzume Zuki makes colorful and beautiful art which seems to come from it's own fantastic world.

Jolie has her own Art Dream gallery and is quickly becoming a name in the SL art world. I can see why.

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  1. It was spectacular...I was so impressed with everything. Thanks for sharing this. I will be sure to share it with my artist friends...except Jolie Lisa one of your contributors. A truly great show, all of you are exceptional ❤