Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Creative critters Suzume Zuki and Indigo Puddle

Suzume Zuki and Indigo Puddle

I have been meaning to post about these two pawsome artists and designers for a while now. They have so many creative ideas, and I love how fun they make their shops and everything they do. Their shops at Whispering Hearts are opposite each other. Indigo's is like a little piece of desert in a shopping mall. Suzume's is cute and sophisticated. I can not show everything in just one blog post, plus I did not want to do too many spoilers, so you should just hop inworld and check them out. Indigo's Greenhouse changes decor somewhat regularly. There is a lot of cool stuff to see, plus some surprises. Suzume has art both in the Galleria Kakku booth and upstairs of her Whispering Hearts store. Indigo has some art in his both stores. The Raglan Shire one is filled with tiny portraits, which are really fantastic.

Indigo's Shop at Whispering Hearts
Indigo's at Raglan Shire
Indigos Greenhouse
(The fox painting in the greenhouse picture is by Elinor Caiman Sands)
Indigo: My Earth dress for Dinkies
Indigo: My Earth outfit for Dinkies

Indigo: Bucket of gooooo
Indigo: Tiny portraits

Suzume Zuki (stores only open until 10th of February, please hurry!)
Whispering Hearts store
Green Skull Boots for Dinkies
Blue Dotty Boots for Dinkies
Dinkie Stockings Stripe/White/Bright
Top and Star Leggings / pink
Comic Pow Top (with color hud)
Happy Animal Leggings for Dinkies

Strawberry Seat
Panda Beanbags
Doughnut Seat for Tinies & Dinkies

Suzume Zuki at Galleria Kakku (her gallery booth stays)

Avatars: dinkies at Tiny Inc.

Windlight: TOR Scifi Wild Palms

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