Monday, 20 February 2017

Art at MadPea International Food Fair

The MadPea International Food Fair from February 18th to 4th of March, is full of food themed goodies, and 50% of the proceeds are going to the Feed a Smile / Live and Learn in Kenya charity that helps impoverished children in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. They have live events, and so much shopping to do, that you will stay busy all day. But did you see there was an art exhibit, too? And quite a good one at that. Mad Pea really brings it, when they have events. The exhibit was curated by Kultivate Magazine, which has been involved in quite a few charity events as of late, I have noticed.

(Artists from Galleria Kakku featured at the Food Fair: Suzume Zuki, Isis Boa, Johannes1977, Jolie, Kayly Iali)

I first heard of this event, when Suzume Zuki told me she had been accepted as one of the artists. Her beautiful art has always been special to me. I had to wait a bit before I got to the fair, because I have been crashing a lot lately, in Second Life. But now that I managed a visit, I noticed they have some other great artists familiar from Galleria Kakku, too! I am so excited for them all. Take a look at all of the art, though, there are great pieces out.

The fair is huge, two sims in size. So there will be a lot for you to explore. I took a few pictures, but really it is impossible to get all of it in a few shots. This is a great charity and a fun event, and I am glad to see so many people participating. You can see the digital counter with the sum raised live on their website and at the event. It has jumped quite a bit every day, such a great job!

Drax Files has a great video on what Feed a Smile is doing in SL. Lindens may seem like small change to some but with events this size, people are really making a difference. Just 100L$ pays for a meal for one child. 

(Windlight: Dusty)

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