Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Brr It's Cold

I saw Butter post this awesome picture of herself wearing one of the versions of the new Peeps knit outfits, on Facebook. I got her permission to post it here, thanks so much, Butter!

Both our avatars are modified versions of dinkies by Tiny Inc. The heads are from tiny avatars by CABS. I wrote a guide to becoming a tiny or a dinkie recently. Dinkies are mesh and use mainly rigged mesh outfits, so the fashion is avatar specific. Original dinkies come as cats or bunnies, and the Peeps outfits will work on both of those.

These outfits are so great!
Here is a regular dinkie cat wearing each piece with different colors, so you can see how much variety just one outfit has. But you can of course mix and match between sets too. (Have plain boots with ribbed sweater for example)
Pose: Black Cats: Balance 3, Pose Lovers & Friends Event

Peeps Dinkies Brr It's Cold Knit Outfits:

An outfit comes with boots, pants, sweater and hat (with or without a pompom).
There is a hud for each clothing piece with different color options:
- Three pant options
- Eight sweater options
- Eight boot options
- Eight hat options

There are several sets to choose from: Plain, Striped, Rib, Mixed, Argyle

I hear Jennylynn is going to be doing more outfits like these, which I am very happy about!

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