Monday, 14 November 2016

Yesh Well for gacha yardsale and Katskis for KittyCats

As you may have heard, I live on a new sim owned by Leather Aeon. The sim is called Whispering Hearts and it has a lot of nice little shops for rent at a low price, if you are interested. There is going to be a club there soon, too.

Leather is the official representative of in Second Life. We have donation kiosks all over the sim, there will be events to their benefit, and 10% of the proceeds from the sim is going to them.

I of course have my gallery Galleria Kakku and the Cake Fox mainstore there, as well as the non profit I started called Rainbow Tinies, which has events every Friday at SL noon.

I thought I would tell you about a couple of new things I am doing.

Yesh Well is my gacha yardsale store. Most items are pull price or even less and they are all pretty new. I may have a gacha shopping issue, lol.

Make sure to also visit Katskis, our KittyCatS store. We have priced the cats cheap according to market value. There are quite a few special features to be found. Leather is telling me to not get any more cats, but they are SO CUTE! Which means we will have more kittycat boxes to sell in no time.

You can get pillows for your cats there, too. Just place your cat on the pillow, click the cat for "Set Home" and "Set range" and you are done. Pillows are not scripted but the cats will prefer to sleep on them.

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