Thursday, 24 November 2016

Beautiful art by Silas Merlin

I had to post about all the beautiful art Silas Merlin does. It would be lovely to see people write stories about these imaginative pieces.

Silas Merlin AKA Jean-François Le Saint, is a talented artist from France. He has been a Master Pastelist (Maître Pastelliste) of the Pastel Society of France (Société des Pastellistes de France) since 2009 and now makes amazing digital art, such as the statues shown in this post, in Second Life. His website has more information and pictures. You can watch this video from an exhibit in SL that he also had in real life. And I loved seeing how he does his pastels.

Sculpture by Silas Merlin as part of the decor in The Forest Event
Silas Merlin at The Forest Event (event website)
Silas Merlin at Lost & Found
Silas Merlin at The Chapter Four
Silas Merlin at Galleria Kakku
Silas has his own gallery at Babbage Square
Among his artwork are some reproductions of the works of famous masters.

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