Monday, 3 October 2016

A whole sim of spookiness

Behind you, Francesca!
The other day me and the bears Maymay and Morton went to the Pumpkin Town to look around (They have a blog). Then today I saw Francesca wearing the vampire hunter outfit by Maymay (Wild Bunneh´s Gear), and realised, we should have had those on.

(My Little Devil outfit was from Designs by Isaura. Francesca's hair also by Maymay and my hair by Wasabi Pills. In the pictures below the bears are wearing Maymay's outfits and I am wearing the Velvet Valentine dress by Miss Longtail, Dinkie Boutique pea coat, leggings and booties, plus Ploom Equestranaut hair.)

Let's get to the tour, then.

We found this creepy hotel. From the outside it was promising.
I thought they had wasted good strawberry jam.
Morton fainted laughing when I was commenting on the poor feng shue.
Something did lurk under the bed. Oh wait, it was me.
I think Morton was the most worried when Maymay spotted the gachas.
"Come on!"
"Where did Pie go, again?"
Free gifts! 
"Morton, stop burning my hair!"
A whole sim of spookiness.
Eek! Bats!
Maymay hiding within the ferns.
Maymay biting an ebil biggie.
The bears got nice Dia De Los Muertos style hats.
I do not think these pumpkins know how to play Hamlet.

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